May 22, 2022

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Expert advice for “Star Academy” finalists

Expert advice for "Star Academy" finalists

Crystal and Eloi, two finalists of the season, will be delighted to meet another thirteen educators for this grand finale. Star Academy, This Sunday. In addition to the opportunity to sing alongside Laura Fabian and Gregory Charles, they will also be providing their voices with Julian Clerk and group Sailbarbs.

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Arriving in Quebec will be a great adventure for Julian Clerk as his first flight departing from Paris on Thursday had to turn around due to a medical problem. Finally arrived a day late Friday evening.

The French singer loves to meet young artists, especially to learn about their way of life and their music. “It’s a job you learn a lot from on the job, he explained from his hotel room. But it takes both talent and work. Without talent, work is useless, and without talent it does not work.

He says he is still learning a lot from the acquaintance with the kid. With academics, he especially sings about his great achievements over the past fifty years.

The 74-year-old singer says, “The most important thing in the end is the artistic side. You have to be consistent in your course and try to create good songs by making your heart speak. In my opinion, this is the only way to determine your time, the time you are here. Then a lot of work is needed. I do not know artists who do not work hard.

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In particular the group of salebars including Jean-Franకోois Brew and brothers Eloy and Jonathan Pinechod were also invited to the final variety this season. Impressive presence of a male finalist who sang one of their songs during his ordeal and even performed one of their songs on the album Star Academy 2022.

“It touched us a lot, and I have to say that I was identified by Eloy in the fact that I came to earn a career from a remote area,” Jean-Franకోois Brew said in an interview. I see Eloi in the same place for the day and I think there’s something great there.It will inevitably send me back to 1997 where I started.

With Éloi Pine chad అతను he paid a surprise visit to the academy during the week, having the opportunity to discuss ways of doing this job and to offer some advice. “We talked specifically about the various rebirths that the job allows us to. I, for example, did as much musical comedy, duet as I am currently in the band. The idea is to use tools that have been acquired over time to move forward. My career did not stop surprising me with offers on television and on stage.

For the artist, the essential thing is to be open, and every time you have doubts about his work or project, you need to go back to the basics, back to what you know how to do. “To make a career, you must always renew yourself and try to push yourself to the limits and destabilize yourself.”

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