March 24, 2023

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Bad joke that says a lot about CAQ

Bad joke that says a lot about CAQ

This is a bad joke. Not enough to make drama with it or tear off his shirt.

But this is a bad joke that says a lot.

In his living room

I’m definitely talking Sentence by Franకోois Legalt when the Speaker of the National Assembly announces that Liberal MP Pierre Arcond has a question to ask.

“Isn’t he dead?”

Mr Arcand (who’s a friend of Franకోois Legalt, let’s underline it) who stabbed Prime Minister Valve said he was “strongly shaken”.

What, the Liberal member believed for two seconds that he was really dead?

Did he doubt his health status?

For PLQ, these days, we understand that every opportunity is good to remind voters that the party of Jean Lesse and Robert Bourgeois still exists, but, hey, let’s take the anger lightly, because sometimes too much is not enough …

However, this inappropriate joke shows how far the CAQ has come in the National Assembly and its flexibility.

As if it were in Mr. Legalt’s private room.

Soon, if it continues like this, it seems that our Prime Minister is very much at home in the National Assembly, he enters the Blue Room wearing a dressing gown and sandals.

That’s all when you have no opposition.

You think everything is allowed. The House where democratic competition takes place becomes your sandbox and voters are your friends.

A “family friend”

Being at the top of the election no matter what happens, Mr. Legalt may be believing that he is “our friend” rather than our Prime Minister.

A kind sympathetic uncle.

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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (the Prime Minister is known as “awake”) likes to compare Franకోois Legalt with Maurice Duplessis.

Side “the little father of the people”.

I choose another epic character from our famous mythology: Father Gideon.

Funny and colorful monocle sometimes escapes him.

But we forgive him for his deviations and his fat jokes, because we love him. And he gives beautiful gifts on the eve of Christmas.

Unless … it’s 2022.

Father Gideon, at times, looks as anachronistic as the old tunes of the late Paulo Noel (So you have beautiful beep boops!)

Remember Mr. Legalt’s “joke” on Manon Massey’s hair.

I’m not a big fan of QS and I hate political correctness, but even when I heard it I felt very uncomfortable.

Cuso, I told myself, are we in the National Assembly or not Canadian evening?

Romeo Peruse, get out of this body!

The trap of arrogance

In 2018, the CAQ garnered 37.4% of the vote. 57.98% against the other three parties.

The Prime Minister often forgets that.

Especially when he refers to good quebeckers as quackists (without being too subtle).

And vice versa.

“Pride is the fault of good leaders,” says author Ken Follett.


But we must also remember Lao Tse’s sentence: “Excessive success raises pride and causes pride to fall.”