September 23, 2023

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Essential Technologies for Mobile Online Gambling

There are two types of online gambling enthusiasts; the first group just wants to jump into the heat of the action as quickly as possible, while the second one is also interested in the technology that runs underneath. After all, this is what makes the magic happen, so what’s not to love?

Today, we will be looking at the different technologies that made mobile online gambling into what it is today.


Hypertext Markup Language revision 5 (or HTML5 for short) is the next rendition of the ever-popular coding language that still plays a vital role in web development. New mobile casinos have adopted it due to the fact that it allows for cross-device gameplay. Since it’s browser-based, there’s no need to install a dedicated casino app. This effectively eliminates a whole step in the player onboarding process and lets you start playing faster.

As long as your phone supports HTML5 and has a modern browser installed, you should have everything you need to try your luck at an online casino of your choosing. At the same time, this will also grant you access to a myriad of other browser-based games. Since Adobe Flash has already been retired, some argue the HTML5 technology can step in as the modern version of it and act as a replacement. So in essence, the newer the model of your phone, the greater the chances that it will be compatible with most modern casino games.

Mobile friendly websites

Gambling sites have now realized that mobile users is the future. While currently mobile traffic represents approximately 50% of their traffic they are aware this will slowly change in favour of the portable devices.

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Marc Benioff (while CEO at Salesforce) quoted at Forbes once: “The world is being re-shaped by the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, big data, community and other powerful forces. The combination of these technologies unlocks an incredible opportunity to connect everything together in a new way and is dramatically transforming the way we live and work.”

As part of search engines evolution, they are demanding the sites to become totally responsive to the different mobile resolutions. The latest “Core Web Vitals” introduced by Google, enforces gambling websites to commit with SEO best practices and guarantee fast loading times, and image not shifting on the screen during loading time.

Integrated payments

To get a new player through the door as quickly as possible, the importance of removing unnecessary obstacles cannot be overstated. In other words, while whipping out one’s credit card and slowly typing in the numbers works, it may not necessarily be the smoothest of ways to deposit the funds into the online casino’s account. Moreover, certain players may have second thoughts about entrusting their credit card number to a casino operator, which is a legitimate concern.

Fast forward to modern times, now we have an effective solution to the problem described above – and it’s called integrated payments. This allows the player to instantly deposit funds straight through their mobile phone. The more payment methods the casino support, the more likely it is for the prospective customer to complete the deposit. In this regard, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments are becoming increasingly more important.

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Native app languages

To ensure the best and smoothest possible experience on a given device, developers tend to gravitate towards native app technologies. While true that these need to be developed for every operating system individually and that the player will be asked to download it before being able to play, performance-wise, they are the most optimized solution available.

In other words, if the developers are looking to squeeze out every last drop of performance out of a given device, they will likely choose to develop an app in the native language. For Android, this would be Java, and for iOS, Swift is the native counterpart.

Out of all the programming languages to choose from, the native language for the platform of choice typically yields the best performance.



There’s a bit of a tech geek in every one of us. By gathering the motivation necessary to look at what’s under the lid, you’ll be one step closer to understanding the technology that runs in the background of the online gambling universe.