May 22, 2022

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Geopardy! | Canadian champion Matia Roach is proud of his 23 victories

Geopardy!  |  Canadian champion Matia Roach is proud of his 23 victories

Matteo Roche has always known that his string game show is podium wins Geopardy! Ends.

Posted 12:16 pm

Nicole Thompson
Canadian Press

She says she’s just as fortunate as she was to win the All-Canadian Champion Show.

“I’m wondering why I’m upset about it, she responded in an interview before the episode aired, which ended her run on Friday. Obviously, I’m going to win. But in the end I’m going to lose, a lot of people lose their first game. I’m lucky to have won 23.”

Since the episode was filmed on February 15, she also has months to recover from this loss.

Things would have ended differently if Matteo Roach had changed her strategy, but she chooses not to dwell on it. She’s been lucky “a lot more times” than bad luck, she says.

After weeks of media attention on both sides of the border, she was ready to breathe her last, earning her US $ 560,983. It is the fifth-largest prize pool among regular-season competitors Geopardy!.

The law school tutor becomes a law student in the fall. She got her first consent while tapping the show and is still considering her choice, but until then she plans to take it lightly.

“Maybe I won’t work more than part time until then,” the champion said. And I’m going to enjoy the last summer of freedom. ⁇

She is also interested in thinking about something other than television and trivia.

“Before Geopardy!, I was at a time when there was no real progress in my life. And now I think, for reasons related to and unrelated to it Geopardy!This is no longer true, ”she analyzes.