February 24, 2024

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Are Anglophones Troubled? What a crazy idea!

Are Anglophones Troubled?  What a crazy idea!

These days we talk a lot about it, some part of the English speaking community in Quebec seems to be persecuted.

How can she come to such a far-reaching idea when she is disconnected from reality and under illusion?

This is because the Quebec government now imposes three French courses on college education in English CEGEPs.


I mentioned: a few days ago, there should be three courses in French. Detention clearly seemed insurmountable! The whole generation was also reported to have failed in school, having to take courses in a language they did not master.

With this the government retreated.

Is teaching French really really torturous for English speakers in Quebec?

But let us not forget the important thing: how an insane imagination caught on the verge of activism in an English-speaking society that felt attacked with the idea of ​​living in a society where French was the common language.

What can we say, the rejection of these few courses in French reveals two things.

First, the younger Anglophone generation, despite all the propaganda we believe in opposition, does not speak French. This is not surprising, since everyday life does not compel them to do so and the Quebec government does all it can by behaving as a bilingual state so that English speakers do not have to learn French.


Then again, it does not accept that Quebec is a French-speaking community and is ready to fight politically to prevent that from happening.

For 25 years, French Quebec has been on the decline. He bent his knee. From now on we explained to him that he was too much at home.

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This is aversion to the Quebec people who are expressing themselves without embarrassment at this point.

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