May 24, 2022

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Doctors write to Legalt for nickel

The real opposite of Franకోois Legalt

Environmentalists are making a last ditch effort and are turning to Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, who has sent a letter demanding that he review the nickel in the air standard he has just raised.

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This week, the Director of Public Health, Dr. Luke Boyle, refused to reconsider the standard on nickel in the air unless the Ministry of Environment sent him additional information.

Following this “disappointing” response, the Quebec Association of Physicians for the Environment decided to contact the Prime Minister and his Minister of the Environment in hopes of launching a dialogue.

In a letter from our Parliamentary Office, she reached out to them to discuss the matter.

Concerned citizens

Dr. Cladell Petrin-Desrociers, president of the organization, said many citizens are concerned about inhaling polluted air through industries near their place of residence on a daily basis.

“As a physician, when we re-evaluate a patient, it is not uncommon to change the diagnosis and treatment plan when new things come to our attention. This is what we are asking you to do now, ”she wrote in her Missive.

In the letter, the doctor reiterated that the technical data sheet and the toxicological review based on the National Directorate of Public Health (DSP) were misleading.

Two DSP documents state that there are no nickel specification studies in Quebec, thereby confirming that we can rely on Ontario and European standards.

“It simply came to our notice then. In 2013, a study commissioned by the Ministry of Environment found in the air the nickel type pentlandite (which is very different from Ontario and Europe, found mainly in nickel sulfate) and its only source is the Port of Quebec, “she wrote in the letter.

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Lung cancers

Pentalantite is associated with lung cancer, but nickel sulfate is far less dangerous to health in Ontario and Europe.

Dr. Petrine-disrosier air pollution kills “4,000 people prematurely” each year, costing the health system about $ 30 billion. ⁇