July 3, 2022

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Kharl contacts Amelie with the cell and spoils the biggest turn of the season on Love Island

Kharl contacts Amelie with the cell and spoils the biggest turn of the season on Love Island

Fans of love, reality shows, justice or the island Tea In general, you are not ready for everything you follow. We rewrote this text three times because it’s so complicated, so stay tuned.

If you do not know, right now the reality TV world is trading a scandal. Cell-gate on the island of love.

Here are all the details of the saga:

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We mentioned in a previous article that Kharl was one of those who violated the rules of the island by going on the internet. With Matthew and Jacob, however I will come back to these two guys.

The footballer created a secret Instagram account and was in a relationship with Amelie, an islander with whom he had an affair, before leaving home with a public vote earlier in the season.

Be careful, the rest will surprise you, but it can be complicated. We will repeat, stay there.

Amelie has been in the Dominican Republic since Monday and is set to return to Villa for the biggest twist of the season.

Since the primary goal of the show was to form couples, the production confirmed to us to give a second chance to the love of Kharl and Amelie, who stopped so quickly.

According to what the production told us, Amelie agreed with Kharle that she was going back to the villa. She also revealed to the production that she regrets what she did.

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Naturally, Amelie’s return was canceled as soon as the production found out about this information.

What Kharl said

For his part, Kharl, who is still in the villa, did not know that the production had spoken to Amelie and swore to the production that he did not know about his girlfriend’s return project. ‘Adventure.

So we know Kherl lied to the product. It remains to be seen whether he will be honest with the other islanders. Keep in mind that participants will have to decide during a special council what will happen to the three islanders who do not follow the rules of the game.

Will he tell them that he talked to Amelie and that he knew he had to wait for her? Or will he continue to talk “only” to his family like Jacob and Matthew?

And what does Matthew know?

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Remember that Matthew, along with his girlfriend Amanda, campaigned hard for Samuel to stay on the expedition at his expense for his best friend Kharl, who was eliminated this week. We now know that Matthew and Kharle have internet access. Did Matthew know that Kharl was expecting Amelie? Is that why she wants her best boyfriend to stay in the villa? Is it to prevent Kharl from going out and defecating?

According to you, did Matthew know that Kharl was waiting for Amelie, so he had to save him?

Of course he knew. He also has internet access.

I do not believe. Kharl Productions disagreed, why did he tell Matthew?

Since the girls chose to keep Kharl at Samuel’s expense without knowing that Kharl was not following the rules, what should happen to Samuel?

There is nothing we can do about it … let them decide Kharl’s future and that’s it

Samuel must come back and replace Kharl to settle the injustice

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To be continued.

L’île de l’amour airs on TVA from Monday to Thursday at 9pm and is also available for catch-up on TVA +.

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