July 3, 2022

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Shocking comments on girls’ dress in secondary school

Shocking comments on girls' dress in secondary school

“Girls, we see your breasts coming to class (sic) 2 minutes before you with your cleavage. ⁇

The remarks were made last week in the fifth secondary class by the assistant director of a secondary school in the northern suburbs of Montreal, said a student who was present during the speech. Shared more than 700 times in a Facebook post, Jade Lace condemned the words “disrespectful, inappropriate and degrading.”

“In class, I felt that no one had any reactions and that it shocked me,” the young man explained in an interview. Jade Lesez, who finished high school in a month and did not want to reveal the name of his school, explained that he needed to publicly share the words of this vice-director: “I want to get rid of it. That weight.”

In his Facebook post, the student director reported other comments: “When I see girls showing off their skin a lot, I know it ends in Saint-Laurent” as well as “not the same beginning (sic) but frustration”.

Eric Lawser, coordinator of the Corporate and Legal Affairs Department at the General Secretariat and the School of Affluents’ Services Center, did not refute the comments reported by Jade Lesage.

“After checking with the school director, it appears that the vice-director has discussed student clothing with the boys and girls in the framework of various hints and information related to the last twenty academic years. […] “, He suggested To have By this mail.

“Although the aim is to enforce the code of conduct, the instructions used to explain his comments are inappropriate,” he said, assuring that the school principal has been conducting relevant follow-ups since this morning (Monday).

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Positive reception

Jade Lacey has been pleased with the attention she has shown to her publication since it was published four days ago, first on social networks and then in person with the reception she received. “A girl at school today asked me to say, ‘I like your text so much, you did so well,'” she said.

The school where Jade Lessage reads does not have a mandatory uniform; However, there is a dress code that stipulates “must be covered from knee to shoulder”. According to the young woman, the code is “more girl-oriented”.

His comments echo the movement that condemned gender discrimination in the application of the dress code in high school, which gained momentum almost two years ago. Many guys decided to wear a skirt in support of the girls School principals condemned the expulsion of them from the classroom because they thought the skirt was too short.

“I’m angry because in 2022 I still have to fight to wear shorts,” Jade Lesage denied in her Facebook post.

Although she initially said she was afraid her text would be “misunderstood”, the young woman was happy with her enthusiastic reception today.

“Ever since I started high school, I have always been ready to speak up when I perceive circumstances unfairly or hear inappropriate comments,” she says. Allowing the person in power to say such things to himself is really the last straw. ⁇

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