July 6, 2022

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Day quote | Richard Hetu Blog

Day quote |  Richard Hetu Blog

“So what is hate speech? Well, that’s what our leaders hate. So because a mentally ill young man kills strangers, you may not allow your political views to be heard out loud. That’s what they tell you. That’s what they’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time, but Saturday’s carnage gives them an excuse, a justification. ⁇

Tucker-CarlsonDemocrats on Monday night accused the Fox News host of using the racist Buffalo massacre to curb conservative free speech.

PS: The promoter of the “Great Replacement” ideology – which he did not mention directly on Monday evening – denied any political significance to the remarks made by Carlson referring to this racist notion. “The document is not marked left or right; This is not really politics. The document is insane, ”he said.

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