July 6, 2022

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Protest against Bill 96 | “Stay away from this,” Black told the Liberals

Protest against Bill 96 |  "Stay away from this," Black told the Liberals

(Ottawa) A large group of Liberal Party of Canada MPs on Saturday went on strike in Montreal against Bill 96, saying it was “unacceptable” for members of the bloc.

Posted yesterday at 4:08 p.m.

Michael Sabah
Canadian Press

Speaking at a press conference in the House of Commons on Monday, Black Cuban Parliamentary Leader Alain Therian said, “In a provocative way in Quebec’s jurisdiction, we can not imagine worse than that.

Through their existence, the Liberal MPs sent the message that “there is no problem with the French in Quebec, ((i.e.) the French defense may even be an exaggeration”. .

“Do not get involved in this,” Mr. Therin said, not going four ways anymore.

Bill 96 must be passed by the National Assembly by the end of the parliamentary session. It aims to impose stricter restrictions on workplaces and municipalities.

Future legislation would restrict the use of English in the courts and public services, strengthen the possession and search powers of the Office de la Longue franchise, and set restrictions on registrations for English-speaking CEGEPs. Students should take a greater number of courses in French.

According to Black, the existence of Liberal MPs is further proof that the Trudeau government is speaking on both sides of its mouth. He said he was in favor of French defense in Quebec and that his aides would at the same time take part in a demonstration that would go “clearly in the direction of Quebec’s pure and simple anglicization.”

For Joel Godin, Conservative Vice President of the Standing Committee on Official Languages, the Liberals were “dissenting and inconsistent”.

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He was intercepted as he entered Parliament, and Mount Royal MP Anthony Houseford, who was present at the demonstration, said, “We are all here to promote the French throughout Canada.”

Photo by Adrian Wilde, Archives The Canadian Press

Mount Royal MLA, Anthony House Father

The Anglophone minority is not responsible for threats to the French. The English-speaking minority in Quebec also has the right to respect its historic rights.

Anthony Housefather, Mount Royal MP


In response, Black submitted a resolution Monday stating that the House of Commons “reiterates that Quebec is the sole body implementing its language policy and urges the federal government not to obstruct or restrict the application of the French Charter in any way.” Quebec language. ”

The MNA for Dengue-Saint-Hubert, Denise Trudeau, stated that consultations were underway between the political parties and that the President would obtain “unanimous consent” from the House.

A few seconds after he spoke, the vice-president of the chamber got up and stopped him. “I’m already hearing ‘no’,” said Chris D’Entremont. So the consultation did not take place. ⁇

The tone was raised on the issue of deputies arguing that there was unanimous consent at the meeting. “This House of Commons has been abused by consensus resolutions,” said Mr. D’Entremont, who was heartily applauded.

“I urge all members of this House to use their statements to express their views without resorting to unanimous resolutions, as is now the case. […] To obtain the unanimous consent of this House: I hope they will be used as intended. ⁇

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Block members opposed Bill C-13, which aims to modernize the Official Languages ​​Act and allow employees and customers of businesses within federal jurisdiction to choose the language in which they want to work or serve.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Ottawa’s province. Therian estimated. “Language is in danger. We must defend it and let the Quebec government work in that direction. ⁇

“So take care of your own business,” he repeated.