July 6, 2022

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Demonstration against Bill 96 | According to Pablo Rodriguez, black “radicalizing”

Demonstration against Bill 96 |  According to Pablo Rodriguez, black "radicalizing"

(Ottawa) Federal Liberals attacked on Wednesday, accusing Black Quebecois of being “radicalized” when they had to justify a message sent in the presence of their own people during Saturday’s demonstration on Rule 96.

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Michael Sabah
Canadian Press

“We’re talking about Quebec MPs elected by other Quebecs, who are going to march in their own city.

Mr Rodriguez responded to the remarks by Black Cubacois’ parliamentary leader, Alain Therian, by declaring on Monday that his participation in the “significant contingency” demonstration from the Liberal Party of Canada was “unacceptable”.

Bloc members have identified it as “unacceptable” for a “large group” of Liberal Party MPs to go to a demonstration in Montreal on Saturday. Mr. According to Thererian, the Liberals had “no problem with the French in Quebec,” [que] French defense, which is probably even an exaggeration.

Photo by Patrick Doyle, Canadian Press

Pablo Rodriguez

Mr. Rodriguez assured Wednesday that he was “100%” certain from his party that there was “no teacher” who believed that the French were being threatened and that it should be further protected.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated that his government will protect the country’s French – speaking minorities and the “English-speaking minority in Quebec”.

“MPs are there to represent their communities,” he said. They make their choice in relation to pointing out concerns. This is their freedom and we will always respect that, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Mark Miller, Crown-Home Affairs Minister and Member of Parliament for the Montreal area, said he was “concerned about the impact”. [le projet de loi 96] May be on minorities, […] Including the rights-speaking English-speaking minority in Quebec ”.

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“Breaking the sugar behind the Anglophones and aborigines in Quebec is not the way to do it and promoting the French in Quebec is not the way to do it,” he said.

His colleague Franకోois-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industries, stated that the contents of the bill were “not in line with the wishes of many Cubans” and in the same breath “the National Assembly must do this. Do that work and have that discussion.”

Will the Trudeau government challenge possible Bill 96 in court? “We will cross the bridge when we get to the river,” Mr. Champagne said in English.

Bill 96 must be passed by the National Assembly by the end of the parliamentary session. It aims to impose stricter restrictions on workplaces and municipalities.

Future legislation would restrict the use of English in the courts and public services, strengthen the possession and search powers of the Office de la Longue franchise, and set restrictions on registrations for English-speaking CEGEPs. Students should take a greater number of courses in French.

Mount Royal MP Anthony Houseford, who took part in the demonstration, explained on Monday that “the English-speaking minority is not responsible for the threats to the French” and “even has the right to respect its historic rights.”