July 3, 2022

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“I will never forgive him because …”

"I will never forgive him because ..."

In November 2010 and for the friendly match between Portugal and Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the best goal of his career. Yes, in 2010 and when he was already 25, he fully blossomed into his debut in Real Madrid. It was an amazing goal against the new world champion, but everything was ruined. Or, someone scrapped it.

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“Guilty” Louis Carlos, also known as Nani, was a colleague of Almeida da Cunha. Cristiano started from the left, he, as always, beat Pique at speed, beat Puyol and when he had a millimeter of space, he sent the ball to his Madrid teammate Casillas. It was a success. And he celebrated it too.

The best ‘no goal’ in Cristiano’s career

But moments later, he was angry. The referee signaled offside. From whom? From Nani was the last person to touch the ball while it was in the air. The legal goal would have been if Nani had not been touched.

But not. And Christian exploded as seen in the video. The game is well known and recognized by the Manchester United player, who has apologized for years like 2020.

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“I think he’s angry at the referee.”Nani said in the podcast: “Everyone …