July 6, 2022

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After 60 years of career, Shirley Theroux is making her little girl dream come true

After 60 years of career, Shirley Theroux is making her little girl dream come true

Although she has a 60-year career and is originally from Montreal, she has never performed in her hometown. On May 26 in Gesù, Shirley Theroux finally realizes her childhood dream.

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It’s time! Shirley Theroux has been immersed in music since her childhood, but television quickly caught up with the young woman, allowing her to escape only rarely enough to satisfy her first hobby song. “My parents love music. During that time, they watched all the performances in the Montreal Cabaret by Alice Robbie, from Tony Bennett to Edith Piaf. At this time, I was in boarding school and we were listening to classical music. In the summer, when I got home, our parents heard everything from the country to the big band. Mom buys new 78s every week! Then, at the age of 11, Shirley took part in her first amateur competitions.

In his exhibition, with his 76 years of luggage, the artist still says this time today. And she sings, of course. Everyone knows his signature song, A man. But she also succeeded Nose in the air, A love story And Do it like a birdAmong others.

Surprisingly, the man who wanted to make a career out of the song recorded a few discs. “It was because television got me when I started when I was 17,” she pleaded.

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From excitement to frustration
The stage dream that the girl had been dreaming of the day before yesterday could not come true. She recently grabbed a bull by the horns to grasp it. “On November 19, 2019 I made an appointment with Gesù Booking Manager and we got together. I’m so excited! “And then came the health crisis …

This room choice is not trivial. “I’ve seen all the shows there: Soul, Clemens, Gilles Vignolt … Every time I went there, I said: ‘One day, I’m going to sing here. You must! ” The premiere was supposed to take place in 2020, but, due to Kovid, it was postponed four times. “The hard part is, every time we postpone the show, we have to regret it.” She counts sleeps until May 26th. “My dream will finally come true!”

Shirley was even more impatient to go on stage as she tasted this pleasure when she toured with her tanning colleagues Pierre Marcot and Joel Denise in 2016 and next year. “It’s the school of the scene for me. Meeting the audience after the shows is my biggest revelation. The same joy! The world is so good! An hour, an hour and a half, it’s pure love. It’s so rich.”

Liz Dion, who has been friends with her for almost 10 years, is responsible for the artistic direction of her show. For over a year and a half, Shirley worked with a longtime friend, pianist Georges Tremblay. Oops, he died on April 25, 2017. Gesù will be on stage, accompanied by Eric Seneca. “He’s also the pianist of Mark Herviux and Mario Pelchat. He’s a young man who loves the music I do.”

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Biography in autumn
As Shirley will be taking part in the tour, she is likely to be back on stage from November Christmas, a tradition in song. Meanwhile, on October 12, she looks at her biography. “It was written by Caroline Saint-Hilare, and she held me well. She has the gift of turning my emotions into writing.

In the past, he was often offered to publish his memoirs. However, she refused. “I thought I was too young. When Librex offered it to me two years ago, I accepted that my son Bruno-Pierre had no idea about my life and my career, and that my grandchildren were even less than Justin and Louise. I would do more for that.” Was born and turns 60 in the fall of my career. There are big parts of my life and my career that he does not know. It’s all in the book. “

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