July 6, 2022

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Oklahoma | The governor enacted legislation prohibiting abortion after fertilization

Oklahoma |  The governor enacted legislation prohibiting abortion after fertilization

(Washington) Oklahoma Governor Wednesday announced legislation banning all abortions after fertilization, making this conservative tower in the southern United States the most compulsory state in terms of voluntary abortion.

Posted 8:45 pm

“I promised the people of Oklahoma that I would sign any pro-life law that came my way as governor and I am proud to have fulfilled that promise today,” the Republican said. Kevin Stitt in a statement.

“In Oklahoma, we always stand up for life,” he added.

Inspired by legislation passed by Texas in September, the text will go into effect across the state, opening the door to lawsuits filed by ordinary citizens against people suspected of having performed abortions.

The definition of abortion, according to the text, however, does not include “morning use after pills, prescription, supply or sale or any form of contraception or emergency contraception”.

The Oklahoma Legislature passed the law in mid-May amid threats over abortion rights, which, according to a document released by Media Politico, appear to be ready to go back 50 years after the historic decision to protect abortion. .

Planned Parenthood, an organization that advocates for the right to abortion, announced on the occasion that it was “going to sue Oklahoma.”

“This ban must be lifted – along with all the other bans passed by this state last month,” Planned Parenthood continued on Twitter.

On May 3, it was announced that Kevin Stitt had already signed into law a law banning abortion six weeks after conception.

“I want Oklahoma to become the most favorable state in the country,” he said, using a phrase used by Americans who oppose abortion.

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Oklahoma has welcomed thousands of Texan women seeking abortions for months after adopting a similar text in this neighboring state.

Despite the support of the majority of the population, according to recent polls, the right to abortion is a very divisive social issue from historic judgment. Row vs. Wade January 1973, which protects American women’s right to terminate their pregnancies.

In the event that the Supreme Court decision revokes this right, 26 conservative states in the center and south of the country, such as Wyoming, Tennessee or South Carolina, are ready to ban abortion altogether.