July 6, 2022

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Postcard | Subway in Rochester?

Postcard |  Subway in Rochester?

(Rochester, NY) The streets of downtown were quiet on Wednesday morning. The temptation to do 1 + 1 is great when you hear that there is a metro in town. What if everyone just sucked into the underground network?

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois

False alarm. The old Rochester subway has not been used since 1956. Gossips say you have to wait a long time at Fabre station on Sunday night, but we do not go there.

Still, the ruins of the aforementioned subway can be found in downtown in some places and are inherent in themselves to anyone who visits Rochester for the first time.

The most spectacular – and visible – stretch under the Broad Street Bridge. Serendipity: It is located next to the Blue Cross Arena, home to Americans.

Photo by Gilloum Lefranois, Press

Old subway tunnel under Broad Street. On the left, Blue Cross Arena.

The “visit” usually takes place. The panel that provides explanations already looks better and as we approach the fence that prevents us from falling into the tunnel, the smell of urine worries us during times of congestion.

The scene is awe-inspiring and the rays of sunlight radiating through the arches adorn the picture.

Photo by Gilloum Lefranois, Press

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