July 3, 2022

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“I do not know how, I do not know why”: Yvonne Deschamps upset by Gailine Tremblay

"I do not know how, I do not know why": Yvonne Deschamps upset by Gailine Tremblay

At the end of the show’s most popular Montreal premiere “I do not know how, I do not know why”, she paid a heartfelt and moving tribute to Yvonne Deschamps, performed at the MysonNew Theater in Place on Friday. des Arts, received congratulations from Guylaine Tremblay comedy pioneer.

Yvonne Deschamps also spluttered his public retirement to attend the show. “I’m completely immersed, he said at the end of the evening. It’s so much love and so many memories to earn. It’s awakened all my life. I remember where I was when I wrote each song. Even Guylaine Tremblay said she was overwhelmed by the love she had for so long. “It’s so awesome, I can not speak.”

Mario Bureauguard / QMI Agency

Gailine Tremble built her show into an autobiography interspersed with songs by Yvonne Deschamps. “He’s like a teacher who looks as sensitive as he makes fun of us,” she announced at the beginning of the show. I would like to share with you a little bit about my love for Yvonne Deschamps, and my admiration for the beautiful and delicate songs he wrote.

To begin with, she evokes her childhood in Charlevoix, tells stories, displays the colorful characters in her family, and delicately describes the love letter she sent to Vivane at the age of eight, in the order of “Life”, “Happiness” or “Yesterday”.

Around four musicians (Jean-Fernand Girard on piano, Michael Pucci on guitar, Patricia Deslariers on bass and double bass and Francis Cowan on violin and accordion) Guiline Tremble did not take herself as a vocalist, but competently sang her lessons. She chose the show. We already know that she can push the note, and we can appreciate it in the past, especially in “Belles-Source”.

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Mario Bureauguard / QMI Agency

She talks at length about her grandmother, with whom she shared the same room for many years. After the departure of her last son, the latter became depressed. One evening, while watching the Yvonne Deschamps show on TV, she saw her grandmother smiling and crying. Gailine has long believed that Vivan saved her from her grief.

Later, she talks about her meeting with Robert LePage, her wonderful audition for the Quebec Conservatory, and her love for Donald Lట్రtrech or her deep desire to be useful in life. Every part of life is an excuse to make people laugh or move and introduce songs like “Love When You Are” or “You Pride”.

Yvon Deschamps recalls Gailine Tremblay “teaching us to love one another, to make ourselves laugh, to move easily from laughter to tears, and more recently, he has made us grow old.”

She continues with a series of stories about the funny funerals of many members of her family. “Laugh without crying”, she finished before singing the famous “Aimons-nous” song, which is very current.

It allows you to revisit songs that are stale in everyone’s memory, such as “Les Buttocks” and somewhat forgotten songs such as the touching “Abliance” and “Papa”.

Although she sang almost fifteen songs during the evening, Gailine Tremble once again proved that she is the strongest actress of all, along with her true comedic talent in storytelling.

Guylaine Tremblay was still on tour until the end of the fall with the show “I do not know how, I do not know”.

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