July 3, 2022

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Living with people of low priority

Living with people of low priority

A few weeks ago, a new shelter for homeless people opened its doors near my home.

As a result, there were more homeless people in the neighborhood, and some residents suffered greatly.

I recently noticed an unusual crowd there while playing soccer in my favorite park.

There sat a group of about fifteen people who appeared to be homeless.

When our ball went in their direction, they sent it back to us, and everyone laughed.

I have never seen such people in this park that I visit so many times a week. We confirmed that they were waiting for a new shelter to open nearby.

It is not enough for everyone

Residents have complained about this new proximity to these backward people. Some worry about the safety of their neighbors, while others fear for the safety of themselves and their children.

Since the shelter opened, my friends and I have noticed increasing security at the park.

The guards are now patrolling there all day.

With all of this, I really wonder if the bourgeoisie has lost the ability to coexist with those in a lesser position.

Lots of profit

By wanting to evict homeless people from our neighborhoods, we are missing out on great opportunities to work for our openness.

What does it give to share your surroundings with more backward people?

It helps to break their social loneliness, making them less stigmatized.

It allows special people to get out of their bubble and stay in touch with other realities in life.

By focusing too much on ourselves, we forget that there are different people and that everyone should have their place.

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Social interaction in the surroundings transforms us manually.