July 6, 2022

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Neck bump: From cold to cancer, doctors make a misdiagnosis

Neck bump: From cold to cancer, doctors make a misdiagnosis

Doctors in the UK have diagnosed a young woman with cancer a month later due to a cold on her neck. Daily Mail.

Last March, 28-year-old Paris Wells noticed a lump in his neck. As soon as she saw her, she called her doctor, but the appointment she got was only five days later and by phone.

To avoid having to wait five days, Paris went the next day to the Emergency Clinic affiliated with Princess Royal University Hospital, Kent. Doctors mMe Wells Met says her bump “does not look like cancer.” They said the young woman had the tumor a week ago due to a cold.

But, over the weeks, the bump got bigger and harder. The young woman asked her aunt, a radiologist at the same hospital, if she could do a double magnetic resonance check in April.

After her tests, the results showed that her tumor was not related to the common cold, but to Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare cancer that develops in the lymphatic system and spreads throughout the body.

“Our mom came with me for my appointment. When the results came in, Hodgkin asked me if I knew what lymphoma was. I answered yes to them. The doctors told me I was suffering from it, ”she said in an interview Daily Mail.

One-third of people with this cancer live for at least ten years. The young woman will begin chemotherapy in the coming months.