July 3, 2022

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Guylaine Guay opened up about her son’s condition

Guylaine Guay opened up about her son's condition

Last Monday, Gailine Guay She opened on her Instagram page About the condition of her son and the hardships of the bureaucracy. In the published myth, the former candidate Big Brother Celebrities2 His son Clovis explained that he had lost his disability tax credit.

“Nothing ends me more than formality”

Take the long and still expensive step to becoming Clovis curator (fortunately well met) thinking very innocently, various authorities understand that he is seriously disabled and learned today from a letter from Revenue Canada that Clovis has lost their disability tax credit. Clovis IS and autistic and non-verbal.
You have to prove again that he is still disabled. Solidarity with parents like me who never finish filling out the paperwork for the big machine doesn’t help us much.
Nothing bothers me more than bureaucracy. And in the midst of all these requests I want to remind you that we care for our disabled children. For a more flexible and careful construction
sophiegregoiretrudeau, can you help me? ❤️ #Autism “.

Then, this Tuesday, Guylaine Guay added a new publication in which she explained that an officer she was in contact with had recommended that she write a letter explaining that she did not have the time or energy. , To prove again and again. That his son was disabled.

Gailine Guevara is not afraid to speak publicly to protect what is important to her. In fact, the comedian and host shared a photo on her Instagram page, during the wedding, in a stunning green summer dress. Below the publication, many subscribers congratulated the host for her weight loss.

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She responded to netizens’ comments on Friday after that.

Many, many people appreciate me for losing my weight. Commenting on Weight 1998 😉 is a friendly little reminder that my body has changed over the last few months. Seven Weeks at Big Brother House (Read; Ben du Stress Tabernacle !!!

But hey, my weight is still 270 pounds. Yes, I weigh 270 pounds in this photo. The grammar is different in each person. My body is my work tool and I love it. My quest is not to be thin.
I train because I do not like my big body rusting and I really enjoy it. And yes, I’m beautiful and I SU’MOÉ 😉🤟🏼 I’m not ‘glorifying’ obesity here, but I’m getting your attention to something other than numbers on a scale. #rocknronde #groscorpsforever “, We can read in the title below its publication.

In short, Guylaine Guay is an inspiration to everyone!