July 6, 2022

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Movies to watch in June

Movies to watch in June

Which movies should I watch in June? Read Marc-André Lussier’s instructions.

Posted at 4:00 pm yesterday.

Jurassic World – Domination: June 10

This year we present the sixth film in the franchise, which celebrates 30 next yearE Anniversary of the release Jurassic Park, Directed by Steven Spielberg. The uniqueness of Jurassic World Dominion Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are on the return, having been in the previous Opus, but especially in the reunion of Sam Neil, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblem. These narrators of the first hour have since taken on three invisible characters together The Lost World: Jurassic ParkIn 1997. The realization of this should be noted Jurassic World Dominion Presented by Colin Trevoro, signed in 2015 Jurassic World.

No chicken in my cabin: June 10

For her first feature, Sandrine Broder-Disrociers, thanks to her short films (Only me and you Won the award in Berlinale in 2019 and won the Irish Award for Best Short Film in Gala Quebec the following year), which presents youth comedy with protagonists as teenagers. Slightly frustrated with the sometimes tense atmosphere at home, the 12-year-old girl (Charlotte Saint-Martin) hopes for the divorce of her parents (Isabelle Blaise and Pierre-Luke Brilliant), then firmly believes she will be happy. But what if the father and mother do not intend to separate? Co-script by Mary Latendress and filmmaker, There is no chicken in my cabin Quebec cinema is clearly intended for a seldom-attracted young audience.

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Arsenal and son: June 17

After being away from film for eight years, he directed several television series (The blue moon, Fatal-station, Breakups And a few others), Rafael Oullet (Truck) He offers a signature feature film on the screenplay. For this thriller set in a garage run by a notorious family, the top cast, including filmmaker Guillome Cyr, Luke Picard, Karen Vanasse, Michelin Lancott, Pierre-Paul Alain and Julian Pauline, were brought together. “We want to create something that we can see, like and share,” says Raphael O’Leary. Press During filming. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but I still knowArsenal and son Refers to another step in my filmography. ⁇

Cha Cha Real Smooth: On Apple TV + on June 17th

Can we imagine a similar fate befell this second film made by Cooper Rife? CODA ? Online broadcaster Apple TV +, which led Remake From AmericanAries familyUp until the Oscars as Best Picture of the Year, it received rave reviews Cha Cha Real Smooth, A $ 15 million public prize winner at the Sundance Festival. Starring himself a screenwriter and director, as well as Dakota Johnson, this comedy-drama bar depicts the special relationship that develops between a young man who is famous for entertaining at the Mitzvah celebrations and the mother of a woman of autistic age.

Story of love and desire: June 17

Launched at the Cannes Film Festival last year, where it was screened at Critics Week, this second film by Leila Bouzid illustrates the relationship between a young man of Arab descent (Sami ఔtalbali) who knows nothing about Algeria. Parents, and a young Tunisian (Zbida Belhajmore) who recently left her country to study in France. In addition to unraveling the clichs associated with North African culture, director Cornell wanted to see love differently. “The whole history of the art of male gaze on the female body. But there is no female gaze placed on the male body. With this film, I want to provide one and it is a hymn to bodily desires, a call to love, ”she explains.

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Light year: June 22

In this new feature film produced by Pixar Studios, we will reveal the origin of the character that inspired the film in various versions. Toy story. Trapped on an enemy planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth, the famous space patrol must find a way home via space and time. It should be noted that in Quebec, the film has the same title as the original version given in the movies. Toy story, Whose dubbings were made in our lands, the character’s name is always Buzz Lightyear (in France, he is called Buzz L’Clair – hence the difference in title). Chris Evans provided the voice for the character in the original version.

Elvis: June 24

Baz Luhrmann, for his lavish films (including Red mill), Began his portrait as a well-known commentator of Blue suede shoes At the Cannes Film Festival. At the heart of the story is the complex relationship between the star played by Tom Hanks and her Impresario, Colonel Parker. In the background, the rise of an icon at a time when American society is in turmoil. Austin Butler, who inherited the role of King, his first major film role. Kelvin Harrison Jr. also plays BB King, while Cody Schmidt-McAfee, his acting The power of the dog Awesome, presented her features to country singer Jimmy Rodgers.