July 3, 2022

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The popularity of CAQ is scary

The popularity of CAQ is scary

As a reminder, here is its definition. Achilles heel is a lethal weakness despite great overall strength. Here this reference applies to Mr. Legalt as a metaphor for other personal traits that lead to failure.

Franకోois Legalt is not a genius whose job is to play with concepts. He was a practical man who was repulsed by ideological discourse. Accountant by training, he prefers the arrangement of toys, which makes him a moderate figure in politics. A person who is more accommodating than conflicts.

At PQ, Guy Laughlur surrounds the goalkeepers and is surrounded by attractive tanners who manage words as if dumbfounding people with his epic goals.

PLQ leader Dominic Anglade, this week, accused the prime minister of having no heart when talking about immigrants. Not only was the opposition leader annoyed with Franకోois Legalt, she was misled.


Mr. Legalt was uncomfortable when talking about concepts such as identity nationalism, immigration, and systemic racism, which were the words used by his opponents forcibly and perversely, the theorists who hated and despised him, now feared his stratosphere. .

The current election, which is taking place ahead of the October elections, is driving opposition political parties insane. With more than a hundred deputies in the National Assembly, the media is on alert in the face of voting intentions leading to waves of the CAQ finding itself.

Truth be told, Franకోois Legalt’s Achilles’ heel is not only drifting into words, he’s talking about Quebec’s “Lucianization” when he talks about the downward demographic curve French, but, paradoxically, it is also Francophone’s “very” massive support for CAQ.

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A significant portion of the allophones support Francois Legalt’s approach not only in the management of the pandemic, but also in terms of immigration. Ask Quebec immigrants if they all share Justin Trudeau’s Multicultural Vision of National Canada.


Immigration is a risky topic. As well as Quebec nationalism. Prime Minister Legalt, in fact, was intellectually better prepared to discuss the economy and business than politically disturbing ones, because they were highly passionate and existential.

The comment of the British historian Arnold Toynbee should be added to the Quebec slogan that “the law of numbers is inevitable”. Immigration is absolutely necessary in the French-speaking Quebec, which only survived for centuries with cradle revenge until the 1960s.

Franకోois Legalt must state all realities in black and white. Without the imposition of French on immigrants as the language of communication in Quebec, the collective future of the country would not be guaranteed. After two referendums “no”, the current focus of the incumbent CAQ is our last chance.

Are we going to punish Franకోois Legalt for the enormous support he received from voters? This is because none of the other parties in the contest have the power to rule because of programs that only attract minority voters.