July 6, 2022

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Christian Payer, environmentalist!

Christian Payer, environmentalist!

Among careerists and idealists, I have always been passionate about the latter. They are loyal to their beliefs and actually try to make them come true.

Careers become narcissistic. Ready for anything that serves them personally. To hell with the ensemble!

When politicians remove their hoods in hopes of a cabinet position, there are people who take steps to make their ideals come true and make the world a better place.

These people rarely make headlines. However, they dedicate their lives to building prosperity for their fellow citizens.

My career, whether as a teacher, unionist or columnist, has allowed me to meet some of these extraordinary people who are determined to bring about lasting change.

I’m particularly thinking of Christian Payer, the Network of Green Schools Brandtland Development (which became the ACTES movement) and the creation of the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation.

For over twenty-five years, Christian has been active in protecting the planet by relying on the strength of its youth.

Ignore frustration

The daily news is horrible and heartbreaking. It is easy to understand that many people are depressed and suspect that they can stave off climate change or environmental degradation.

Moreover, the action of politicians does not guarantee them. Despite all these incarnations, Christian Pierre never gave up his ideals.

Even today, he is confident that by getting more people aware of the severity of the situation and being willing to put pressure on governments, we can provide healthy land for the future.

His journey has never been easier. He had to overcome the doubts of those around him about the actions he justified and the reluctance of the authorities he sought.

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He has reason to be proud of his commitment. It’s a bit ridiculous: even those who were skeptical at first are now showing their pride.

Leave without leaving

In 1982, Christian was hired as a CSQ researcher. In 2003, he became director of the Professional and Social Action Division. In 2005, he also became the Director General of the Foundation. He retired in 2011.

That year, he became a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. It has just been announced that he is leaving. However, he assured that he would continue to participate in the operation and cooperate financially.

In particular, the Monique-Fitz-Back Foundation and the ACTES movement are dedicated to raising awareness and mobilizing youth for environmental protection.

For Christian and his partners, hope is nurtured by the thousands of young people who are committed to the fight against climate change.

Thank you, Mr. Payer, for always letting go of so many doubts and reminding us that the best strategy is to take action.

Like him, you can Donate by going to the Foundation website !