July 6, 2022

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GALANTRY | The Journal of Montreal

GALANTRY |  The Journal of Montreal

One day, we will have to realize its surprising value better and better and that day may be closer than we thought. Will we see him with the Stanley Cup within arm’s length? Gerard Gallant, a young man from Prince Edward Island, has been wrapping his bump in the NHL for almost forty years.

As a player, instructor or assistant, Gallant is a true hockey machine. He analyzes, he teaches, he demands and he gets.

Gallant was 17 when he came to Sherbrook at a time when the Casters were dominant and he surpassed 100 points in his first season. Those who played against him will remember it. They must be pinched more than once on the ramp. He was stiff and did not back down to anyone.

Not a French word, discreet, erased, but how effective it is on ice. When he takes the lead he asks and asks his players again. There are no cheaters on board.

Lightning players wonder what happens to them after back-to-back losses with the Rangers. Their rivals are going to buy the Galant Game Plan. Tampa did not escape from the woods.

In 2018, Gallant retired from the Tour de Force to lead the Vegas Golden Knights to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first NHL season. Everyone was behind them, but not gallant. This is not a coincidence. Since we got rid of him, Vegas is no longer the best, no more miracles.

Last year, the New York Rangers failed to earn a playoff spot. This year, under Galant, it looks like the same club is heading to the Grand Finals.

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During his major junior stint with the St. John Sea Dogs a dozen years ago, Gallant and his players won the Memorial Cup and President’s Cup twice, and Gallant …