July 6, 2022

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Link 3: “Toxic Project” for Quebec

Link 3: "Toxic Project" for Quebec

Opposition to the third link was once again heard in Quebec, where nearly 200 exhibitors denounced what they considered a “project from the past” as “toxic”.

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Starting from Place Jean-Belive, near the area planned for the northern exit of the Third Link, on Sunday afternoon, the group proceeded to the Future Tramway Interchange in Saint-Roche.

The procession accidentally left the approximately 2.3 km journey he had taken to be heard. It is a symbol of letting go of the past towards evolution for the future.

“We’re on the site of the future, this is the direction we need to take for our transportation.

“This project [le troisième lien] Toxic to Quebec, ”he added.

Impediment to development

Locals on the spot predict that this new link will not only have catastrophic environmental consequences in the future, but the possibility of its construction will already have an impact on many districts.

“There are so many projects pending that the tunnel will be completed, we can’t move forward. We only need to think about the path of the tramway, because of which it has been moved a few times, ”stressed Julie Tremble-Potwin from Laird County Council.

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Not to mention the many “big” social issues faced with the billions of dollars released for the third link.

“We can invest in ambient air quality, health, public transportation … We want projects that meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals,” explains Angel Pino-Lemiex, the third link to the Coalition number for the door-word. .

Crumbling social security net

Many say between $ 6 billion and $ 10 billion will be used to “make a hole” when this amount of money can be used to strengthen Quebec’s social security network.

The lack of more than 50,000 childcare facilities, the shortage of teachers, the rising cost of living and the benefits of adequate social assistance were highlighted.

“That is our priority! Nellie Bouchard-Sylvain from Popular En Action Communityire des Regions de Quebec et de Chaudier-Appalaches regroup d’education.