July 3, 2022

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In Shanghai, residents are angry after being re-arrested

In Shanghai, residents are angry after being re-arrested

Despite the lifting of anti-Kovid sanctions last week, Shanghai residents expressed their anger on Monday after two months of strict detention in the metropolis, AFP reported.

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China’s financial capital, the nation’s most cosmopolitan city, has been locked in phases since late March in response to a nationwide outbreak, the most severe since 2020.

After easing several restrictions in recent weeks, authorities have since Wednesday allowed residents of areas considered “low risk” to roam freely around the city.

Although many return to normal life, millions of others are subject to restrictions, but some have to lock themselves in again after finding infected people.

This is the situation of those who live in a residential complex in the central Juhui district of Shanghai and this is part of the former French concession.

Several dozen residents attacked Monday against officers wearing full suits as they were prevented from leaving their residence.

“Serve the people!” Protesters chanted slogans against them through the fence.

A resident named Li told AFP that the anger started with a sudden lockdown in the neighborhood on Saturday.

“I’m angry!” The man said he was reluctant to give his full identity for fear of retaliation.

“After two months of detention, we can no longer take it. (In residence) we are all negative, so why lock us in a cage? ”He wondered.

Residents fear they will be forcibly sent to a detention center, local media wrote in a message quickly censored on social networks.

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Under the Zero Kovid National Health Strategy, positive cases were placed on quarantine.

Sometimes, everyone living in a building or apartment complex has to be taken to a detention center to be isolated.

However, at the height of the Shanghai lockdown, even people who did negative tests had to be self-isolated outside the city. A few hundred kilometers from their homes.

Many Shanghai residents have been celebrating their new independence in recent days, with more than half a million subject to movement restrictions, according to City Hall.