July 5, 2022

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Here is the trailer for the movie Arlette starring Maripier Morin

Here is the trailer for the movie Arlette starring Maripier Morin

Images from film ArletteThe film, directed by Marilop Wolf and starring Maripier Morin, was finally unveiled in the first trailer, which was posted online this Friday.

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Trailer / Arlet

Following the allegations against him, the film caused quite a stir when it was revealed in the summer of 2021 that Maripier Morin would play the lead role. Director Marilop Wolf defended herself by pointing out that the actress, host and now mother herself attended the audition and that her acting was excellent. The work done on him is also in keeping with the character.

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Summary ofArlette:

Contacting the Quebec Premier to restore the prestige of his government, Arlette Saint-Amar became Minister of Culture overnight. She succeeded with her form and her courage to create a real buzz around culture. Recklessly, she does not hesitate to confront the most powerful finance minister. Their files are battles to fight, but their clash is a real battle without thanks, because in the end, the film revolves around one main theme: the power of the film. Arlette takes us behind the scenes of the National Assembly, where the absurd man shrugs solemnly, embracing the comedy play.

Watch the trailer:

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Filmed mostly in Quebec, the film features award-winning actors. Also present were Morpheus Morin, Paul Ahmarani, Gilbert Sicott, Benoit Briar, David La Haye, Kathleen Fortin, Emmanuel Schwartz, Michelin Langtot, Alexandre Nachi, Sandrin Bison, Claudia Ferry, Pierre Verville and many more.

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Arlette Produced by Valerie D’Atuil and Andre Rowley and written by Mary Viein.

Production is set to release on August 5th.

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