July 3, 2022

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Extraordinary heat wave spreads through France

Extraordinary heat wave spreads through France

(Paris) Extraordinary and early heat wave began to hit France on Tuesday and will continue into the weekend, a new sign of climate change with increasing human and economic developments.

Updated at 1:44 pm yesterday.

Amelie Botolier-Depot
France Media Agency

Hot air from the Maghreb first hit the southwest on Tuesday, rising 34 ‌ C in Bordeaux and 37 C in Toulouse.

According to Meteo-France, mercury is once again causing panic in the south from Thursday to Saturday, with temperatures ranging from 38 C to 40 C, for example in the southwest on Friday, and locally above 40 C. And Friday and Saturday in the northern part between 30 C and 35 C.

An undoubted sign of global warming, heat waves are multiplying and intensifying around the world.

In Spain, temperatures rose to 42.3 C in Villarobledo and Talavera de la Reina (center).

According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency, temperatures are “7 to 12 degrees” higher than the seasonal norm and the heat wave is expected to last at least Saturday.

Environment Minister of Environmental Transformation Theresa Ribeira declared that “this early heat wave” temperatures had “surpassed records and added to another heat wave less than a month ago” which was “extremely worrying”.

The “highest” risk of fire

As a result, according to Aemet, most fires in Spain are “serious”.

Same thing in France, firefighters’ union spokesman Eric Brocardi warned of a “summer of all dangers”.

On Monday, several large fires erupted in southeastern France, burning 60 bungalows, one of the largest camp sites in Europe.

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Confirming that she was “fully assembled”, French Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne on Tuesday called on prefects and regional health agencies to “put all equipment in place”.

In Bordeaux (southwest), we prepare: “We have bought Mr. […] We’m going to install it in city squares that are ovens or in public places like kindergarten dormitories and senior residence halls, ”explained Sylvie Justum, Health and Seniors Assistant.

Metropolitan France has already experienced even more unusual temperatures in June. The absolute record is June 2019, 46 ° C in the shade in Verrags (southeast), but that was at the end of the month (June 28).

This wave is the most ancient. An advance that weighs heavily on organisms with more days and fewer nights in June than July or August.

The French government has announced a 500 500 million fund for “urban reconstruction” in the face of climate change.


The heat wave that comes after a hot and dry spring especially intensifies the dryness of soils, especially agriculture.

Matthew Sorrell, a climatologist in Meteo-France, told AFP that soil moisture levels were “valuable by the end of July”.

According to the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research, even in the case of water tables that cannot be recharged even after heavy summer rainfall, they are falling with “worrying” conditions in some areas.

In this context, 36 branches, or more than a third of the country, have implemented water use restrictions.

Excessive heat is especially dangerous for the elderly and infirm, infants and outdoor workers.

As at this tram construction site in the Bordeaux area. “This week we will attack at least 7am. Probably 6 hours, ”explained Aurelian Thillad, director of Works. And “Union minimum three liters of water per employee per day”.

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