July 5, 2022

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One Hundred Million Canadians: Trudeau’s dream?

One Hundred Million Canadians: Trudeau's dream?

Is this Justin Trudeau’s dream for the year 2100? Note that the Prime Minister of Canada, a “young man” who, like everyone else, does not recognize that he has reached old age, has probably forgotten that he will die when this wish is fulfilled. But for us, the problem is that Quebec makes up 10% of the population.

Justin Trudeau is certainly sensitive to the Toronto Pressure Group Century Initiative, which is campaigning to triple Canada’s population by the end of the century.

Destiny Yesterday Rodriguez Tremble, economist, PQ minister from 1976 to 1979 and published a text written by Professor Emeritus at the University of Montreal. He is concerned about the consequences of pressure from this lobby calling for a larger population policy for Canada.

The Century Initiative promotes the idea that Canada should double its population to achieve stratospheric growth in gross domestic product. It is not surprising that many businessmen are dazzled by such opportunities and do not talk much about the consequences of such an approach that completely confuses Canadian society.

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We all know that all economic policies that do not take into account the public policies necessary for the quality of life of the population and their well-being are of concern to us.

The massive immigration policy in Canada will inevitably weaken the French-speaking Quebec. Do not believe that Justin Trudeau ignored this fact. We do not believe that his outspoken and repeated refusal to transfer the still-reserved Quebec powers to the federal government over immigration restrictions is a way of denying Quebec’s legal right to decide its own future in France.

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Finally, it should not be forgotten that the federal government under Trudeau Sr. fought Bill 101. Will the CAQ’s desire to reduce the number of immigrants per year become a lease-major crime in the eyes of Justin Trudeau?

Francophone minority?

The lobby, which was active in Toronto to double the number of Canadian citizens to one hundred million by the end of the century, knew that Quebec, one of Canada’s four founding provinces in 1867, would lose less than its population weight bar. 10% of the population. And Quebec finds a large French-speaking minority in its own territory, where our French ancestors landed after the first voyage of Jacques Cartier in 1534.

The Century Initiative lobby is increasingly visible in the Canadian political landscape. Because hundreds of millions of potential Canadians are intoxicating the business world, part of the media, and many academics with globalist aims.

As the number of inhabitants is confused with prosperity, most countries with galloping demographics are poor due to high population. Professor Rodriguez Tremble believes that rapid population growth will lead to lower living standards. He cited the United Nations, which topped the list of three countries with a population of less than ten million living standards and living standards in 2019.

Does it ring the bell in our ears?