July 5, 2022

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Biden 2024: We should not

Biden 2024: We should not

Although the commission investigating the January 6, 2021 attack had nothing to do with the media except public hearings, the Democratic president continued to sink and his approval rating dropped to 39%, the third time in a row.

Democrats are more and more concerned about this issue and are less and less discreet. With the exception of a few states like Georgia, we will avoid associating Joe Biden with by-election candidates in November.

On its own, it is not uncommon or unusual for a president to become unpopular after the first two years of the mandate. Heavyweights such as journalist and political adviser David Axelrod are already skeptical about the 2024 candidacy.

Everything is going very fast

In April 2021, I broke away from a single text In the second term possible And I ended the title with a question mark. I will withdraw without reservation. In fact, 46E The President did not benefit from the favorable context, but for him everything was going very fast.

The man who inspired compromise and confidence only as an option for Donald Trump, failed to implement many of his most promising projects. Democrats are divided and Biden does not have the necessary grip.

If the by-elections were as bad as announced, Joe Biden would already be. “Duck Blade“, A lame duck that weighs in for the 2024 election.

Very old

I mentioned David Axelrod’s doubts above. Among the things he puts forward to overthrow Biden is one that undermines some sensitivity: age. Although he is one of the rare observers to confirm it, the former Obama adviser at the age of 82, is not alone in believing that Biden will be much bigger in 2024.

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For strategists, it does not matter if Biden’s record highlights such as restoring relations with NATO countries and providing a generous economic stimulus package, or whether he brought justice and normalcy back to the White House, he is old and above all, he looks like it.

Once a powerful and active orator he lost his luster. Looking at him, a person has only the limits of old age without taking advantage of his immense experience. Rather than seeing him as a sage, he is seen as a politician of another era.

Being president of the United States is very tiring and young people have witnessed the brutal nature of this stressful job. Joe Biden did what he thought was right, he took Trump out. His departure is now desirable, but it comes with a question that some analysts or members of the Democratic Party venture will answer: Who will replace him?