July 3, 2022

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Laura Fabian tops her game

Laura Fabian tops her game

Promised us Laura is Fabian’s best. And Tuesday night we got exactly the same. Because she was the top singer in her game, she delivered her great hits in front of an audience that was absolutely satisfied.

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Did Laura Fabian and her Montreal audience imagine this reunion? Yes. We have unquestionable proof of this.

As soon as the singer hummed a few words, Salle Wilfried-Pelletier began to vibrate loudly, cheering her on. Tone is set.

Thunderous applause, “We love you Laura!” Screaming at regular intervals, repeated applause, suffocating shouts … The Montreal public did not hesitate for a single second to show their admiration for the singer. Instead, she lived up to each token of this love.

In tone

Let’s face it: we rarely hear Laura Fabian’s voice. It’s actually nothing less than a master class, she presented to the packed Salle Wilfried-Pelletier‌, who was very happy to open their memory box, multiplying the dangerous vocals in front of the approximately 3000 fans who were glued to her lips.

Because of the success of many of her vast concert-like success stories, the singer is currently cross-proving the province.


I still believe, You go awayI. Will love again, Take possession of the day, I like you, Difference, I’m sick… Laura Fabian expresses her new tour around her great titles, without wasting time, visually soothing and creating a concert with great elegance, as a singer.

Highlight the evening? A Karuso With an incredible force, the audience was moved to jump up as soon as the final note was uttered.

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Special mention of Genevieve Zodoin who came to join Laura Fabian Not without you Impeccable and full of emotions. Audrey-Louise Beaujour will be on stage Wednesday evening to share the stage for the song with Laura Fabian, while William Cloutier will be there tomorrow.

  • Laura Fabian will return to the Salle Wilfried-Pelletier stage on Wednesday evening and Thursday. His tour will end on June 21 at the VideoTron Center in Quebec City.