July 3, 2022

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Pierre Bruno’s other wonderful legacy

Pierre Bruno's other wonderful legacy

In addition to being the face of TVA Nouvelles for 46 years, Pierre Bruno made his mark in Quebec in a completely different way through his involvement with the Charles-Bruno Foundation.

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The CHU Saint-Justin Center, named after the late son of a legendary newsreader, now welcomes 10,000 children a year.

Many families thank TVA Novelles for the care they received at this ultramodern center.

“It’s very accessible, it’s close, everyone is very good,” said Elliott’s mother, a four – year – old boy with leukemia.

“They got into the habit of working with children. There are also effective ways to reassure them and keep them in the loop, ”confirms Lily’s mother, who came with her daughter from Booze to receive chemotherapy treatments for the next brain tumor.

“She is very fond of the nurses who are part of the center’s 200 staff and have worked there with passion for many years,” she adds.

Since the early 1990s, the Charles-Bruno Foundation has invested millions and millions of dollars and has worked tirelessly to bring relief and science to these children.

“They have completely changed the landscape of Quebec’s pediatric oncology, pediatric oncology, that is, childhood cancer in Quebec. They have allowed us to be one of the world’s leaders in Quebec. We are here, “said Dr. Mitchell Duval, head of the Department of Hematology and Oncology at CHU St. Justin.

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Dr. Jocelyn Demers is a great Nordic fan, along with Charles, his family, and his great friend Pierre Bruno, who co-founded the Charles-Bruno Foundation.

“For us, it’s about trying to raise all the issues of pediatric oncology, that is, about seeing children get the best care in the world, looking at everything we can do from a technical point of view,” Dr. Demers said. .

“Little Charles grew up. What is his dream; He wanted to grow. It’s probably the only gift Pierre can demand: one of these days, at least his son got it, ”he adds.

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