February 23, 2024

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A father sends his son a torch (hot dog)

A father sends his son a torch (hot dog)

Offering your professional passion from father to son is a big challenge when you work 80 hours a week in catering.

After all, Achilles Papazionis, who bought Laughlur restaurants 10 years ago, is now sending a torch to his sons, including George, 42.

The father believes that Quebeckers will never stop eating hot dogs and poutine.

For 70 years, Laughlour restaurants have kept the same “winning” recipe. There are now 16 restaurants in the chain.

In the kitchen until the last minute due to labor shortages, Achilles Papazionis handed the reins to his son George on June 1st.

“He always worked with us and he was ready,” the man said.

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George wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Our father worked very hard. 100 hours a week, it really is. I didn’t really know our dad when I was a kid, but working with him was really an inspiration. He is a strong man, ”said the son.

Looking after the workforce is also one of their core values.

George now plans to double the number of restaurants in five years while maintaining a family balance with his three children.

“You also need to spend time with family. It’s great to have such a successful story, but it’s also important that you spend some time with your family, ”he said.

The family passion may be spreading with the third generation Papazianis, who may get their hands dirty in the future as well.

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