July 3, 2022

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Summer reading tips for our politicians

Summer reading tips for our politicians

The Prime Minister and the Leaders of the Opposition breathed a sigh of relief before entering the election field.

Beyond the corn roasts and festivals our Quebec summers are fascinating, they need to take advantage of these last moments to reflect on their future and their respective political projects.

Here are my little hints for summer reading so they can improve their weapons.

Franకోois Legalt: The Canadian Constitution

Courtesy and Archive Photo, Stevens LeBlanc

His Justice Minister dangled the idea that the Charter of Rights and Liberation of Quebec should take precedence over the Canadian Charter. Beautiful mirage.

As long as the green valleys of renewed nationalism shine, it is necessary to gain a grip on the parameters of the negotiations that await it. In this regard, the Constitution remains the framework for agreeing to submit the CAQ by renouncing sovereignty.

Dominic Anglade: Vanish? By Jacques Howley

Courtesy and Archive Photo, Stevens LeBlanc

In this article, the former Federal Civil Servant argues that “less than 50% of the French-Canadian ancestry will disappear during this century”. This speech will definitely infuriate PLQ supporters. But as Sun Tzu wroteMartial artIt is impossible to win without knowing the opponent.

If Dominic Anglade hopes to win back French-speaking voters, he should understand his concerns rather than blaming him for sticking to his divisive speech.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois: Left without people By Eric Conan

Why did the Left gradually lose the huge working-class and lower-middle-class membership that had achieved its greatest gains? This is the existential question that French columnist Eric Conan tries to answer.

A necessary reading if the Québec solidaire wants to avoid the excesses of the left and hope to make a profit beyond its current strong positions.

Eric Duheim: Insane style By Richard Hofstadter

Photo chantal poise and courtesy

This mythical essay from the 1960s is not so timely on the tendency for conspiracy to oppress American rights. By exploring the “opposite style” played out by mistrust and anger, this article explores the excesses that come from it.

A necessary reading for the leader of the PCQ, he must be careful and finally get rid of his conspiratorial section.

Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon: The person in the field By Theodore Roosevelt

Photo courtesy and QMI Agency, Theory Lawforce

It was one of the best political speeches ever made. A sign of the challenges awaiting the PQ leader.

“It doesn’t matter to the critic … who really goes into the field, sweats, dusts, bleeds, fights bravely, makes mistakes, loses again and again … who knows better? In the end Victory of victory and who, at worst, if he fails, will have the courage to dare and realize that his place in the cold and shy spirits of success and failure is unknown. ⁇

As for the highlights of the federal scene, I reserve my reading instructions for them next Sunday.

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