July 6, 2022

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Inflation: According to Minister Girard, Quebecs pay much higher taxes

Inflation: According to Minister Girard, Quebecs pay much higher taxes

Despite a record rise in inflation in May, a new financial aid to citizens was excluded before the crash. Minister Eric Girard set the table for the election by acknowledging that Cubans are paying too much tax though.

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The cost of living in Canada continues to rise. Inflation rose to 7.7% in May, the largest annual increase since January 1983.

The Finance Minister is aware that the rise in grocery and gas prices is affecting Cubans. And may not yet reach the summit. “It may be more in June,” he said at the entrance to the cabinet weekly meeting on Wednesday morning.

Finance Minister Eric Girard

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Finance Minister Eric Girard

After the election, his government plans to once again provide financial assistance to citizens in the fall. But there is no doubt about another special help in the summer. Eric Girard recalls that low-income citizens earned between $ 200 and $ 275 in January. Not to mention the $ 500 grant to the majority of Cubans in the last tax return.

Leger poll published on Wednesday in the pages of Log Revealed that tax cuts seem to be the most popular measure among citizens to combat inflation. The Liberals of Dominic Anglade have already made an election promise that will apply from fiscal year 2022.

Minister Girard will wait for the publication of an early election report on the state of the economy before admitting himself. But he was not surprised to see the results of the sounding.

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“Quebecs pay a lot of taxes, especially compared to Ontario, and we believe that Quebecs are the ones who pay the most taxes, but, all things considered, it’s really all very high-paying Quebecs,” he said.

Tax deduction for next year

According to its leader, the possible tax deduction will not apply until next year.

“High inflation for the year 2022, we have already sent a check for $ 500 in April and there will be a check in December to replace the high inflation. In the average consumer basket for the year 2022, Quebecars will be compensated. In the years to come, we will not exclude tax deductions, ”said Franకోois Legalt, passing through La Bye.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. “It simply came to our notice then. I would like to send a check [les] The people will choose what this amount will be used for, he insisted.

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