August 9, 2022

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Adopted cats for free at SPA de Quebec

Adopted cats for free at SPA de Quebec

The Quebec City SPA will soon offer two days to free up its shelter and adopt cats for free to deal with the waves leaving the animals while moving.

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For a while, the company adopted 15 and 20 cats per day, but adopted fewer than five cats per day. As a result, the Quebec SPA’s shelter was completely packed with 70 animals.

“The adoption and pre-adoption sections, which can hold up to 50 cats, are packed. And even if we don’t, we still have twenty other people in the shelter because we have nowhere to put them, ”explained Felix Tremble, director general of the organization.

The latter believes that the wave of abandonment that comes with moving time will put more pressure on the organization.

Adoption for free

For these reasons SPA de Québec decided to adopt its cats for free on June 28 and 29. However, adopters are limited to one cat breed.

This is the first time the company has celebrated 150 years of history in three years. Although the adoption was free, the decision cost the SPA almost $ 10,000, prompting the public to volunteer if they wished.

It should also be noted that simple adoption procedures apply to ensure that the animal finds a loving family to take care of it.

“We have the right to refuse adoption if the standards are not met,” Mr Tremblay said.

Demand is declining

Furthermore, the director general of the company noted that the urge to adopt has been declining for some time.

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For example, it can now take a few days to adopt cats that are usually lost within hours.

“What would we be surprised if adoption in 2022-2023-2024 happens during the 2021 pandemic? Because if so, it’s causing problems, ”he fears.

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