September 25, 2023

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Songs that make me cry

Songs that make me cry

The song that creeps into your head and you can not get rid of is called “worm in the ear”.

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I, the songs that stick to my skin, I like to call them “heartworms”.

They were embedded there and none of them were deleted.

My cousin Evelyn is my best friend. Jean-Pierre Ferland is his favorite singer. The opportunity we got His favorite song.

When she died of staggering cancer at the age of 48, I lost my cousin and my best friend at the same time. And at his funeral, in the crowded church, his two sisters played The opportunity we got.

What do you want? Now, every time I hear Ferland sing, I say to myself, “Luckily I got you, Evelyn.” And since Ferland became my friend when I wrote his biography, I would also say: “Jean-Pierre, I’m so lucky to have you”.

I was literally devastated when Sylvain Llewellyn said she liked “useless things that do us good”.

Maybe it’s our favorite song. Just useless stuff … it makes us feel good. A melody that helps us in the most difficult times. The two together, the words that bring tears to our eyes, remind us of a memory, a loved one.

What’s the point of topping a song on our personal charts? When the author finds words to say what we think, what we think, better, more accurately, more accurately than we can express.

This pain in the heart, I feel when I hear the active cowboys singing:

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“How do you live this poor / loveless life?” In America is crying.

Or when inside StaircasePaul Piche sings: “When I say I teach you nothing / without love we have nothing / you need to know how to be loved to help the world”.

These writers, these composers, I love them dearly. Thank you for your “heart worms”.