August 19, 2022

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A second member of the Salut Bonjour announced his departure

A second member of the Salut Bonjour announced his departure

Obviously, there are a lot of changes towards the big family HelloBecause another member of the team announced his departure.

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Last week, Stephanie Villeneuve, in charge of the weekend weather forecast, She announced that she would not be returning this fall, and went live.

Now, a few days later, another member of the larger family reveals that these are his last moments on the show: it’s Vincent Desurolt, who can be seen on the weekends. Hello Hello weekend, Who will leave the ship. He will remain in office until the end of the summer.

On his Facebook page, the columnist explained that it had become difficult to maintain his schedule and that he wanted stability. Keep in mind that he will be hosting the week along with his presence in Montreal Hello Hello weekendIn Quebec.

“I will go Hello Hello weekend In late summer.
When I accepted the challenge of doing weekend radio in Montreal and weekend television in Quebec 4 years ago, I knew that one day time would come. So it’s time to find my weekends and a slightly more consistent schedule. Working crazy in the media world is a great specialty: I want to be in Juice, but now I want to be 5 days a week.
I’m still in love Hello Hello weekend, For the show and for my valued colleagues, I will miss so much. I leave with great friendships, lasting memories and only attachment to people Hello Can create.
Thank you for everything.
(Long, tearful messages to colleagues were delivered privately and privately) “he wrote.

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Many of his subscribers were there to congratulate him on his new challenges, not to mention mentioning that they would be bored to see him on their television over the weekend.

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