August 19, 2022

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Brigitte Boisjoli flew with her fianc

Brigitte Boisjoli flew with her fianc

When music video for Lie to meThe first excerpt from her next album, Brigitte Boissoli seems to be sweeping her past clean to project herself into her new joy: new love, new family life, new songs, new tour and new decade!

In an old obsolete factory east of Montreal, Brigitte Boiszoli wanders around dressed as a woman for a clip shoot for her first original song, after a long hiatus. Lie to me. “This song is really my baby: it’s totally mine. Tears welled up in his eyes when he heard it on the radio. I admit that this is the first time I have invested so much in music, instrument selection, songwriting and even text.

Lie to me Tells the story of a deceived woman who decides to end the toxic relationship she lost herself in. Brigitte Boisjoli has things to say and express clearly. “I have a lot to say, but I’m subconsciously waiting all this time because I’m not ready. This new album is coming at the right time, I’m reluctant to say things. I’m touching on hyper personal subjects that I rarely contact. .He does not know my daughter.In fact, there are a lot of things I say in my songs, very little to talk about.
In an interview. “

Expressing oneself in this way is no less confrontational for the singer, as people often find it appropriate to present the lessons of the songs they are listening to into them. “A lot of people shouldn’t be surprised if I personally encounter everything I say. They will find more points that are common to them, with their history. Writing this album makes me feel good. It frees me and reconnects me with the mother, lover and woman I am trying to be.

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Therapeutic writing

Writing these new songs for Brigitte Bois‌zoli is not so easy, but it is very liberating. “Friends did big closed therapies and eventually, they had to write a letter, they burned it. I do the same with my songs. It’s like giving up the heavy weight on my shoulders. I get rid of a lot of things by writing and singing these songs night after night, On the next tour, I’m expected it to affect me as well .I can not wait for my first show to see people sing my own words .I’m dreaming about it! “

Photo: Valerie Blum

Brigitte took a break during the filming of his Men-Yours clip.

His new album of original songs will be released in the winter of 2023. I’m going a bit slow. In addition, there is a movement with my boyfriend. I realized that writing really happens with the wind: it comes by itself. I conform to my head and my heart, I am looking for my emotions, but at the same time, I continue my life at a speed of 100 miles per hour.

A time of change

Engaged to Jonathan, Brigitte Boissoli recently moved in with her daughter to her lover’s home. “We are now six at home. Charlie is 5 years old, and my boyfriend’s boys are 6, 8 and 10 years old. It’s a really beautiful tornado as everyone gets home. The boys play very well with my daughter and they are very respectful. Clearly there are conflicts, but I think I have a big family. For example, I always cooked a lot even though we were both. I love children and I like the dynamics of a large family. We are very busy with our kids and we also have time as a couple. It’s a lot of work, but it’s going very well. “

Oddly enough, she never really backed down before getting involved in this relationship. “I am a girl who asks a lot of questions. For example, I had never wanted to go out with a guy before; That’s not for me. But with him, it was very clear. The way he looked after my daughter, the father with the sons, his affections, the atmosphere in his house … in a word, I thought he was the whole work. This is the first time I have asked too few questions and most of all, I maintain my happiness in this way.

Brigitte and Jonathan have known each other for a long time, however, they have been dating the same friends. “I met him at the age of 21. I sang with one of his best friends. I always found him to my liking, but he’s been in a relationship for a long time. He approached me because he wanted to hire me for a show in Drummondville. After that he knew we were both single Took the opportunity.At that time, for him, he recently told me that I was not available.Even though he liked me too, he never tried to contact me.

Four decades

Although she is currently on a dubbing tour My 40s, Only in September does Brigitte Boyzjoly cross this threshold. “I will celebrate this anniversary even better and better. I love how I am and how I am developing. I put very little pressure on myself in my job. It’s weird, but I’m looking less and less in the mirror. I am beautiful inside and out, I am happy and I love my happiness.

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Now and between her birthday, Brigitte Boyzjoly continues her tour by completing the writing and recording of her next album. She also gave a small gift to herself and her daughter. “Charlie starts school in September, so I spend as much time with her as possible. I live miserably at the beginning of the school year, but I have a beautiful summer. Since we sold the house, I wanted to surprise her. In July, we were going to Disneyland for five days in Florida. It’s a girls trip. We’re really tired. ”

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