August 19, 2022

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Champion team example | The Journal of Montreal

Champion team example |  The Journal of Montreal

In general, the defending champion starts a new trend: we constantly try to emulate the dominant team. Admittedly, snowfall and Joe Sackick have given hockey a new direction.

In Colorado, throughout the season, we defended the attack. On average, more than four goals per game. This concept was strictly adhered to during the playoffs and continued with the Denver Squad 16-4, which was the frontier in science fiction.

We want to emulate the champion, but we still have to be patient.

The club’s top striker, Nathan McKinnon, is still 26 years old. Kale Maker, the best defender in professional hockey, has completed his third season in the NHL at the age of 23.


Joe Sakik has shown that he is very talented. Like his counterpart Julian Bryceboys of Tampa Bay Lightning, he unleashed top players and displayed patience before making major deals.

The Matt Duchen case is a good example. For almost two years, Sakik waited for the right moment to trade him for Ottawa senators instead of Kyle Terris, who he immediately sent to Nashville for Samuel Girard.

In 2017, after losing the lottery, Avalanche Scouts selected fourth-ranked Kale McCarthy, the company’s honorary player for his concept based on offense and speed.

5 things to remember

Jeff Gorton / Kent Hughes in Montreal kept exactly five things that allowed the tandem Colorado general manager and his team to rise to the top:

1- Recruitment. There is no room for mistakes in us. Today’s support players include guys like McCarthy, Bowen Byram, Miko Rantanen and McKinnon, Gabriel Lander‌skog, who drafted the snow …

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