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The lodge was removed by the Ontarians

The lodge was removed by the Ontarians

If Lozeau’s disappearance did not surprise its former owners, they are still in shock. The promises of its Ontario buyers will not be honored.

“It has to go on, so we sold it to Henry, a family business like Malan,” said Liz Lozou, 73, trying to hold back her tears.

The mother, who worked for a photography company founded by her father in 1927 for 56 years, was very emotional yesterday. Newspaper She joined the house.

1964 LL Lozeau Store

Screenshot / YouTube video by Lozeau

1964 LL Lozeau Store

On Tuesday, the Ontario company Henrys, which bought Lozou in 2019, closed the doors of the legendary business in Ru Saint-Hubert, Montreal, without warning.

“They vacated the store Monday night. Employees learned they were losing their jobs when they arrived at an empty store Tuesday morning. We learned at the same time as them, ”she said.

If Lozeau’s former boss moves, the main reason is that she received promises from Henry’s board chairman Andrew Stein. He then promised about Lozeau’s disappearance.

“They cut everything”

But from the beginning, in April 2019, the Lozio family quickly realized that his daughter and company CEO Gillian Stein had other plans.

“A month after the sale, they started cutting employees, services, rent, repairs, everything they could,” she recalled.

Icing on the cake? One year after the sale, the Lozeau website no longer exists in French. This refers to Henry’s monolingual English site.

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Not heard

The Stein family also agreed to keep Liz Lozou’s two children, Stefan and Manon, in the post. “But they never listened to them,” she said.

This was confirmed by Stefan Lozou-Simard after a long sigh.

“We’re talking in a vacuum. We sold to ensure the stability of the business, but we were deceived,” he said.

On sale, in 2019, Lozio had 130 employees and his mother guaranteed a “big turnover”.

By the time they close they are only fifteen, Tuesday only.

Henrys is the largest photography retailer in Canada with 30 stores. The company sought asylum from its creditors in May 2020 and closed seven stores in Canada.

“They bought us to bankrupt us,” said Stefan Lozou-Simard.

గి Henry’s CEO Gillian Stein did not respond to our many interview requests, HiR.

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