August 9, 2022

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Domestic Crisis: When Crying from the Heart Leads to Providence

Domestic Crisis: When Crying from the Heart Leads to Providence

After mentioning to TVA that she was forced to sleep on the street, a Montreal woman was able to be cared for by several workers.

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Johan Lalonde confirmed to our team that she has emergency accommodation at a hotel in Montreal.

  • Check out the details in the video above:

She is not alone in this situation.

In Montreal alone, about 25 people have been placed in emergency situations and have access to workers there to help them with their research.

“When he told me the news that I wouldn’t be sleeping on the street I was in tears, I was shaking, I couldn’t speak,” Ms Lalonde said.

On Saturday, she told TVA Novelles that she has nowhere to go because she lost her home and can no longer live with her daughter, who has to accommodate her many children.

“I don’t know where I will sleep. I looked everywhere for accommodation within my budget and couldn’t find anything. Landlords charge exorbitant prices for one-bedroom apartments. I’m scared,” she said.

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