August 16, 2022

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Drainville and the third link

Drainville and the third link

For CAQ candidate Bernard Drainville in Lévis, calling for studies on the third link in Quebec would serve more to “lead” against the project than “enlighten the debate.”

The former radio host took to Twitter this week to upstage the third link’s captain, going on a string of false claims to try to save the ill-fated project.

“Yes, popular studies… why exactly do you need them?” To find out if the bridges are stuck? What if the bridges break down? If there is an obstruction at the head of the bridges? Better if no reserved lane at all? asked the candidate.

Not guaranteed

It is not reassuring to note that Bernard Drainville, a minister in another government, downplayed the importance of the studies referred to in the Treasury Board’s directives on major projects. Studies unrelated to the questions he asks and he knows well.

Mr. Drainville also devotes himself to an exercise that leaves you speechless with its intellectual rigor: He brings the debate over the merits of a $6.5 billion tunnel to the floor of the Quebec-Montreal battle.

Obsession in the game

The candidate will benefit from an interest in the science and theory of motivated traffic.

Adding road links in cities has been shown to increase traffic.

The tunnel was therefore not intended as a solution to congestion problems, quite the opposite.

Holding the positions of journalist and presenter for a long time makes the candidate’s position in relation to studies even more disturbing. Therefore, he wants to be the guardian of the efficiency and transparency of public services.

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It’s crazy how some people abandon their cherished principles when they go to the other side of the fence.