August 19, 2022

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NHL Draft | The apple often falls near the tree

The wonderful destiny of Mary-Philip Pauline

Does being born into a family of athletes improve one’s chances of being drafted into the National Hockey League?

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If I ask the question, among the top 100 prospects in the next draft, there are many, many, many sons of players. About thirty. The closer to the top, the higher the ratio.


Joel Kjellberg and David Spacek’s fathers played for Canada. Vincenzo Rohrer’s on the ATP circuit. Adam Ingram’s father is one of Canada’s top golfers, and Denton Matychuk’s mother won the half marathon.

This trend is also very strong among Quebec hopefuls. Both parents of Gatineau Olympian Noah Warren excelled in swimming. His father, Claude, coached at Laval University and the University of Montreal. His mother, Magali Boutin, was an athlete. “She still holds the provincial records in Saguenay,” he said proudly. She competed in the national championships and almost made the Canadian team. »

Maverick Lamoureux of the Voltigeurs de Drummondville also comes from a family of athletes. “My father played in the QMJHL, with the Granby Bisons, and then in the seniors, with the Laval Chiefs. My mother is a gymnast. After her athletic career, she coached girls at the national level. Sports always have a big place at home. »

Nathan Goucher, Quebec Reports?

“My dad played major junior, and…

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