August 9, 2022

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Horn foundry: ‘We didn’t think it was too harmful,’ said the councilman

Horn foundry: 'We didn't think it was too harmful,' said the councilman

Although the harmful effects of horn foundry on the health of Notre-Dame district residents are well known, new public health data do not reassure them.

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“The latest information we have received shakes up the idea we have about our neighborhood. We didn’t think it would cause so much damage,” said Noranda District Municipal Councilor Real Beauchamp.

In the past few days, a study has concluded that residents near Fodneri Horn have a five-year shorter life expectancy and an almost 30% higher risk of cancer.

“We know people wonder about things like: Is it better to close the windows at night? Should I go to the park with my children? I call on the regional public health to establish a line to answer these questions to reassure the population.

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