September 23, 2023

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A new witch hunt

A new witch hunt

Heading to a chalet and don’t know which book to read by the pool or lake?

I recommend an important one that will allow you to better understand the crazy times we live in: The Seer of EtampsBy Abel Quentin.

Infernal Mechanics

Winner of the Prix de Flor 2021 (author Friedrich Biegbeder’s prize for daring young writers), the novel follows the descent into hell of history professor Jean Roscoff, who has just published a biography of a black poet. Misunderstood.

Because he’s white and he doesn’t emphasize the race of the poet in question in his bio, preferring to talk about his style (for race-obsessed anti-racists, it’s a crime of lese-majeste), this intellectual is targeted by a militant crowd. got up One who destroys his reputation and poisons his life.

Abandoned by his friends and colleagues, rather than protecting themselves rather than protecting him, the man, branded a racist on social media, is drowning in the quicksand of political correctness.

We are leaving this book with a pain in our throats.

A victim of an infernal mechanism in which he can do nothing, Jean Roscoff, the hero of the book, is crushed, destroyed and torn to pieces by a small group of fachos who take themselves for the defenders of the oppressed, but who are, in fact, the real villains.

A full charge on terrorists got up Our universities are converted into re-education camps.

Religious extremists

For the author, Abel Quentin (with his cynical humor and melancholic despair, recalls Michel Houellebecq), got up Not political activists.

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They are religious fanatics, blinded by their faith.

Who will lead the crusade against the infidels.

“That’s what scared Jean: the power of unwavering belief. This faith was associated with the narrowest sectarianism and victim image (which recognized no resistance, as the new forces elevated emotion to the highest level, and held suffering as the universal standard. )…”

For Quentin, these warriors are willing to do anything to put down their enemies, who are actually hypersensitive and frustrated little rabbits.

“Never being wounded has become the obsession of the cruel, sickly little things of our time, eager to imagine their emotional security, never to encounter a word that offends their sensibilities. »

At stake!

In his room The Witch of SalemHe wrote in 1953 that American playwright Arthur Miller described Puritan pastors accusing women of witchcraft in 1692 without proof.

The Seer of Etamps A modern version of Miller’s play.

The same witch-hunt, the same Puritanism, the same messianic sectarianism, which makes every “unbeliever” guilty, to be punished, burned, sacrificed on the altar of intellectual purity.

“It is a spirit of absolute solemnity, against which nothing can be done, writes Abel Quentin. What can be done against people of religious faith? »

A spine-tingling novel.