September 27, 2023

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“Their grandmother will never recover from her surgical wounds”

"Their grandmother will never recover from her surgical wounds"

The woman has been in a coma since undergoing surgery in Poland Depending on the media the mirror.

Beta Filipek, 57, started suffering from bone loss in her jaw. She wanted implants to correct her appearance.

On April 13, she underwent an operation under anesthesia at a private dental clinic in Lublin, Poland. The trial costs totaled $28,967.46.

As her aunt had to pick her up after the operation, Filipek was supposed to write to her, which never happened.

After the 90-minute operation, Beta Filipek had to wait two hours for the anesthetic to wear off.

At 7 pm, his aunt calls him, but Mme Filipek doesn’t pick up. So she decided to go to the clinic.

She found her niece lying unconscious in a hospital bed. A 50-year-old man was sent to the hospital’s emergency room.

Several days later, the woman’s brain was examined. According to the results, he suffered irreparable damage.

At the dental clinic, she was given fentanyl and reacted violently before the operation was completed.

“I am completely devastated. I told my children that their grandmother would never recover from her injuries,” said Ellie Mae Fitzgerald, Mrs.’s Filipek.

An investigation has been initiated.

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