September 30, 2023

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Judicial Council to look into complaints against Judge Poliquin

Judicial Council to look into complaints against Judge Poliquin

The Judicial Council will consider several complaints against Judge Matthew Poliquin for his controversial acquittal, but not before the end of August.

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“Council members […] “It will consider whether the alleged facts constitute a violation of the code of judicial ethics and, if so, whether there is reason to investigate the complaint,” the council wrote in response to the petitioner’s complaint. More than 4,600 signatures have been collected demanding that the magistrate be investigated and his appointment revoked.

Judge Matthew Poliquin granted a conditional discharge to engineer Simon Howle, sparking public outcry and outrage.

“Do we really want a judge making such decisions in our judiciary and is he fit?” Miracles in the interview News magazine Karin Emery, the citizen behind the petition.

Recall that Howell, 30, managed to avoid a criminal record despite admitting the assault by a drunken friend, along with photographing his private parts.

But it caused a stronger reaction from the population than all the reasons mentioned by Judge Poliquin.


The magistrate noted that the attack was “all too soon”, that Hoole was also under the influence of alcohol and that this “may help explain the behaviour”.

The judge, who described him as a “man of good character”, considered that “a conviction would have particularly adverse and disproportionate consequences for him” when he could not travel and it would affect his career as an ‘engineer’. .

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He therefore concluded that even if the victim had to be hospitalized due to dark thoughts along with five months off work, the conditional discharge was “not detrimental to the public interest”.

Many complaints

Along with the petition, several outraged internet users have taken to social networks to file a complaint against Judge Matthew Poliquin at the Judicial Council.

“[Avec une telle décision]We have fallen back into a world where the abuser gets off easier than the victim, who will be scratched for life,” Karin Emery laments.

However, she is satisfied that the Conseil de la Magistrature will look into her complaint and that its members will study the possibility of an investigation.

News magazine The council was asked how many complaints it had received in total.

“In the context of the decision given by Judge Matthew Poliquin, I am not in a position to confirm or deny the fact that, in all circumstances, the council received one or more complaints prior to the initiation of the investigation”. Email Me Annie-Claude Bergeron, Board Secretary.

However, she noted, “considering the summer season, the next board meeting is scheduled for late August.”