August 19, 2022

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Controversial statements: CAQ takes stock

CAQ paid $250 for advertising

CAQ denied taking advantage of the almost 80-year-old woman who appears in its Vox Pop ad in response to an open letter published by her daughter. destiny Saturday.

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In a Facebook post signed by Brigitte Legault, the party’s general manager, the CAQ confirmed that the woman’s family had never tried to join them in pushing their point of view.

“We are shocked and saddened to read this text. If the lady shows any discomfort, we will find a solution that will be satisfactory to her and her family”, read the CAQ’s Facebook page.

According to Brigitte Legault, the first interview between CAQ and Lady took place in 2018 during Vox Pop, which was used in the party’s advertising campaign. At that time, everyone who appeared in party ads received token compensation of $100.

Listen to the Patrick Déry-Nic Payne interview on QUB Radio:

These statements were not scripted and CAQ 2018 was said to have been “touched” by “extraordinary verve”, “expressiveness” and “kindness” and it was for this reason that the party approached her. Four years later to appear in an advertisement.

The family of the Marisi citizen who appeared in the ad expressed their outrage in an open letter published. destiny She received just $250 for her participation, even to certify that it was “immoral to take advantage of an elderly woman of modest income,” the CAQ said, honorably moving forward.

According to the CAQ, the lady refused to be financially compensated after the new interview, which claimed that despite everything, she insisted on giving her a “symbolic” amount.

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“However, our production team insisted on paying him a symbolic sum of $250 for each video that eventually aired. She finally agreed and received a total of $500. It was always clear that the interview was to be used in advertising,” the Facebook post read.

“It is not our intention to take advantage of anyone. On the contrary, the entire CAQ production team is attached to the woman, for whom we retain our admiration and, above all, our respect,” concludes Brigitte Legault.

No problem according to UDA

Since the woman at the center of the CAQ ads speaks in her own name and with her own freedom, the symbolic amount she received does not violate the terms defined in the collective agreement of the Union des Artistes (UDA) UDA, Sophie Present.

“The CAQ publicity lady is not an artist within the meaning of the law [sur le statut de l’artiste]. She doesn’t understand or personalize any character. This is one of the exceptions to which the UDA Collective Agreement does not apply. According to the provisions of the collective agreement, there is no problem with the CAQ’s statements”, she argued.