August 19, 2022

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Tour de France: Hugo Houle’s parents have changed

Tour de France: Hugo Houle's parents have changed

DRUMMONDVILLE | It wasn’t just a Hugo Howl, it was the moment of a lifetime. His two staunchest supporters, his father, Yvan Howell, and his mother, Diane Allard, experienced the mad race and strong emotions in their own way as the prodigal son crossed the finish line to win the Tour de France.

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The height of joy for both parents came when Hugo Houle crossed the finish line in 16th place.e There is a stage of the most prestigious race. This short day, which promised to be very quiet, quickly took an amazing turn.

Diane Allard and Yvan Howle

Diane Allard was busy at work in Drummondville, while Yvan Houle was at a construction site in Saint-Nicefour. They could not imagine the continuation.

“I couldn’t follow the race. A friend gave me the information and I looked up with 35km to go and I saw that Hugo was in the lead. I thought it would help. [Michael] Woods and he were going to settle down, but no! “A fulfilling mother, she met at the end of the workday still upset.

“I immediately called Yvonne and told him to come to the shop to join me to see the finish. At first he said he can’t and tears rolled down my eyes. Fortunately, he was able to come and join me. There is no one at work now! “.

The couple reunited…