August 19, 2022

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We are not foreigners

CAQ paid $250 for advertising

CAQ advertising campaign He talked a lot. Does the CAQ really represent the heart of its electorate in the guise of this friendly old lady?

But behind this fun is revealed a very ugly contempt, especially seen among the self-proclaimed activists of “Together” Quebec, who take a shameful conclusion: this woman represents a certain Quebec end, which is irrevocably committed to the CAQ. ., which sticks to him too.

This contempt for Quebec, once known as “native,” is not new. It runs through our history. It believed that the silent revolution had been defeated.


But after the 1995 poll debacle, he resurfaced.

We saw this during the reasonable accommodation crisis of 2007-2008. It wasn’t unusual then to hear that Quebecers in the regions and suburbs weren’t the only ones excited about the proliferation of ostentatious religious symbols.

Thus they are presented as chili freaks, closed off to the world.

“Modern” Quebecers, who adore diversity, rejoice that Montreal Montreal is changing, under the pressure of immigration beyond the capacity of our integrity and Canadian multiculturalism.

Be clear. All you have to do is set foot downtown to see Quebec culture being banished. It goes far beyond the city center. This is the situation in many places in Laval as well. Anyone who sets foot in Carrefour Laval will unfortunately experience that.

In Montreal, traces of the historic French-speaking majority are disappearing. Then, we can name everything and anything “Quebec Country” to convince ourselves that everything is fine. By playing with words we lie to ourselves. Quebec becomes an empty word.

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Worse, the Legault government’s determination to linguistically reclaim the metropolis leads to a form of identity terrorism.

The cowardly Act 96 is thus the target of a demonization campaign.

Explaining to us that there is something discriminatory about associating French and Quebec identity, no longer rare among a diverse young generation.

Quebecers are gradually excluded from their own identity in the name of a false sense of inclusion.

When François Legault recently recalled that Quebec culture must be the culture of reference in Quebec, the English-speaking press accused him of pushing a hegemonic vision! How far does this rejection from Quebec go?

Listen to Alexandre Moranville-Ouellette’s interview with Conservative candidate Axel Lellouche:


Are Quebecers doomed to become strangers at home? Henceforth it was not unusual to call them “allochtones”.

How not to see a radical denial of their identity? Thus they become the “other” in the household. They were symbolically and historically uprooted from their country.

René Lévesque, who celebrates his 100th birthday this year, will not be happy with a Quebec that never stops apologizing for what it already is.